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The 5 Dioceses

The trustees have changed their policy for making grants. The Charity will be awarding a relatively small number of large value grants to increase the impact that it makes.

Grants are for churches and parsonages and will be focussed on the 5 dioceses connected to John Marshall, namely:

  • Canterbury
  • Guildford
  • Lincoln
  • Rochester
  • Southwark.

For technical reasons the parishes of North Woolwich and Staunton St Mary are also eligible.

While grants are for building projects, Trustees want to support projects where the building works will benefit the mission and ministry of the church.  They consider that the dioceses are best placed to decide where grants may best be directed in order to support their strategic priorities.

In exceptional circumstances, the Trustees will consider applications from churches within the 5 dioceses that do not have the support of the diocese.  For further information, please telephone the office.

Little Grimsby

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