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About the Marshall's Charity

Through the centuries our purposes have been modified due to changing circumstances, and today we have four primary purposes:
  • to make grants for the support of parsonages to dioceses of the Church of England and the Church in Wales

  • to make restoration and repair grants to parsonages and Anglican churches in Kent, Surrey and Lincolnshire as the counties were defined in 1855

  • to support, as Patrons, the Parish of Christ Church, Southwark

  • 4% of net income is given to Marshall's Educational Foundation which makes grants to the Stamford Endowed Schools and to students who are resident in North Southwark and in need of financial assistance.

In 2017 we gave some £850,000 in grants and other forms of support. See our accounts for more details.

Chelsham St Leonard

Little Grimsby
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